February 3, 2015
Sprint 150 LE
February 3, 2015
Thirty-seven years on the world’s roads ...
The Adventure Continues Over 37 years of production and 3 million sales have taken the Vespa PX to every corner of the globe. An endearing popularity and scant regard for the modern interpretation of practical has carried audacious PX owners on journeys many conceived impossible. PX beckons those with a spirit of freedom to defy reasonable and head into the unknown, packing minimal belongings and shedding routine.

PX is a true survivor.Vespa Australia now announce the release of the limited production PX ‘Touring’, a model encapsulating the spirit of PXs touring history. Resplendent in unique Grigio Seta (Silk Grey) colour and marrone saddle, the PX ‘Touring’ also comes equipped with chrome front and rear carry racks for additional carrying capacity and a wind screen to deflect lifes burdens. Of course the true PX qualities are retained; the 4 speed ‘twist grip’ manual gearshift and the 150cc 2 stoke motor; the footbrake and spare wheel; to respect of the true character of PX. The PX 150 ‘Touring’ continues a timeless legend.