Beverly 400 HPE (Arancio Sunset)

Medley 150 S (Bianco Innocenza)
March 1, 2022
April 12, 2021

Beverly 400 HPE

Twenty years on from the launch of its first generation, the latest Piaggio Beverly arrives on the scene with plenty of news, but still that same sporty no-nonsense attitude and elegant design that shook up the concept of urban mobility.

Today, the Beverly is a crossover that combines the versatility and endurance of a medium high wheel with the performance and comfort of a luxury GT. This exciting new formula takes power and comfort to another level for riders and passengers alike.

Versatility to the fore: Beverly, a symbol of elegance and agility for over two decades, and the most beloved of all high wheelers, continues to evolve and surprise.It is 20 years since the Beverley burst onto the scene and notched up record sales, and it shows no sign of resting on its laurels, breaking free of traditional categories to become a true versatile crossover.

Designed for urban commuting in its many forms and situations, its zippiness and great handling makes this tech-savvy Beverly the perfect companion around town and further afield, with plenty of room for a  passenger to share in the fun and comfort.

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