Quiet, fuel efficient, clean power for today’s electronic devices, in an easy to carry, 36lb. package.
Dual handles and only 36.4lbs.
Parallel Capable
Enables two units to be connected together for even more output.
Quieter than casual conversation, only 54db @ 25% rating, with isolating motor mounts for minimal vibration.

The Polaris P1000i is light and compact, with 2 handles that were ergonomically designed to make the unit easy to transport. This model weighs a mere 36.4 pounds, and is exceptionally fuel efficient. One tank of gas allows it to run for over 10 hours at 25% load. With a maximum AC output of 1000 watts, the P1000i is the perfect addition to power smaller electronics, such as a TV while you’re tailgating or your laptop while away from home.
Additionally, this generator is parallel capable, enabling 2 units to be connected together for even more output when needed.

What's in the Box?
Quick Start Guide
Owner’s Manual
Oil fill bottle & tube
DC Battery charge cable
Spare spark plug
Spark plug wrench
Hex wrench