Primavera 150 (Grigio Materia)

Primavera 150 (Nero Vulcano)
March 7, 2022
Primavera 150 (Orange Tramonto)
March 7, 2022

    Primavera 150

    This mini-revolution on two wheels with a stunning 150 I-Get engine promises total joy and freedom as you zip through city streets.

    This small body Vespa with its nifty lightweight structure zips through city traffic and longer stretches of empty roads with ease. Designed so that you enjoy a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride, its 12″ wheels deliver perfect grip on all surfaces and in all conditions.
    It was the Sixties and an era in which the world was changing when the Vespa Primavera burst onto the scene and revolutionised urban mobility with its charming “two wheels and a motor” combination. Today, with fresh new lightweight lines and the addition of new technology, the Primavera remains as captivating and stylish as ever.